Where to live and why

Need some help choosing the perfect accommodation? Let Ziggurat give you a few tips.


Most of us love to live as close as possible to the University. It makes leaving the Union at 3AM a lot simpler and the 9AM lectures that little bit less horrific. But it’s easy to get caught in the ‘student bubble’, and miss out on the many things this wonderful city has to offer.

So sometimes living slightly out of the main University area can pay off. Get those Google skills to good use and have a serious look at the different areas of Edinburgh. Start by figuring out what is important to you – do you want a good social scene? Or do you want somewhere that is quiet, and won’t interrupt your much needed sleep?


So, now you know the general areas you’re happy to live in, but what about who you’re going to live with? Shared flats can be fantastic or just downright stressful depending on size, so it’s good to double check just how many people you’re sharing with. Are they in the same year? Not many older students want to be living with a fresher, and vice versa, plus it’s good to get a picture of the atmosphere that your flat might have.

Alternatively, if you’re still shell-shocked from your University assigned living space since first year, take a look for the accommodation providing studios. You can give the place a real personal touch, and never have to worry about using the kitchen at weird hours of the night.


Everyone wants good value for money; it’s just in our nature. So where do you start? First of all, work out your general weekly budget that won’t leave you living off pesto and pasta or noodles for the rest of the year.

Comparing prices with private flats can really put the price into perspective – what might seem like a lot per week makes a lot more sense after taking those included bills and internet into account.


Finally, take a viewing of the accommodation you’re interested in and ask as many questions as you want! Once your room is booked, you can relax in the comforting knowledge that you’ve already got next year’s flat sorted.