There is a sense of community at Ziggurat student residences.

The Ziggurat Community

We encourage students to make friends outside of their own flats and immediate student circles. Our Property Managers ensure that your stay at Ziggurat is both relaxing as well as sociable and you will be given plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow residents.

Nights Out and Special Events

Throughout the academic year we hold events in each of our buildings, from special events to nights out or fun competitions.

Our staff will host a ‘meet and greet’ event at the start of the academic year where you can get to know everyone in the building, and maybe even meet some fellow students with the same interests.

We encourage everyone in our accommodation to socialise, whether that is 5-a-side football at the weekend, pizza parties, or a group trip to the cinema. 

When you have settled yourself into your new accommodation, feel free to come up with your own in-house event suggestions.  Our Property Managers are always open to new ideas!




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