Living On A Budget

Getting to grips with your own spending can be difficult. Let Ziggurat give you a few tips to make it easier!

Pay Your Rent ASAP

It may sound silly but paying your rent as early as possible makes budgeting much easier. Utilise your loan in the best possible way. If you’re not one of the lucky ones with parents paying for you, that’s

Learn how to cook.

It may seem like the most obvious point to make, but plenty of people go through University living off the staples of takeaways, Tesco’s Finest oven food and student offers at the pub. Learning how to cook the simplest of meals really goes a long way – plus, a pasta sauce is probably the easiest way to stay healthier and get the veggies you need!

And trust me, when everyone leaves their student lives and gets their 9-5 job knowing how to cook will be a godsend.

Don’t go for convenience.

I know I know, why travel when the Tesco Express is a two minute walk away? But sometimes the best (see: cheapest) shops might require travelling. Get to a Tesco Extra or Lidl where the food is much cheaper; you can do a week’s shop in Lidl for less than £15 if you’re smart about it.

Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers.

My saving grace throughout Uni was cooking in bulk, and I mean serious bulk. No one really wants to be the person with a packed lunch at Uni, Cook a massive pot of soup on Sunday and your lunches are sorted for the rest of the week.