Learning English in Reading, U.K.

This is why you should learn English - and why you should be learning it in Reading, U.K.

Why learn English?

English is the world’s third largest language after Mandarin and Spanish. There are approximately 400 million people in the world that speak English as their first language, and more than half of these live in the United States of America. Other countries outside of the United Kingdom that speak English as their first language include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and more.

So why is learning English so important?

English is the native language of science, aviation, computers, the media industry, and of the internet. This means that knowing how to write, speak and read English instantly makes you more employable for any multinational companies, both in your home country and in countries abroad.

“Where should I learn English?”

So what’s the best place in the world to learn English? The answer is obvious – England, United Kingdom. 

“But studying in England can be expensive?” 

Yes, it can be. But not if you know where to look.

The city of Reading is located just a one-hour car drive away from the United Kingdom’s capital of London. By train, only 30 minutes!

Living in Reading

The beauty of studying in Reading is that the living costs are significantly cheaper to those of London. Also, because you’ll be living only a 30 minute journey from the capital city – you can still enjoy exploring London on your days off, whilst enjoying its nightlife at the weekends. 

Reading’s nightlife is brilliant! Restaurants, clubs, pubs, casinos, late bars – you name it. During the daytime, there is so much to see in this hugely historic and cultural city. For music lovers, it hosts one of England’s largest music festivals each August – the Reading Festival. For sports lovers, the city is home to Reading Football Club, London Irish Rugby Club, and to the annual Reading Half Marathon which sees 15,000 participants compete every year. If you’re a passionate shopper – then you’ll love Reading’s town centre which is dominated by shopping centres and malls. For nature lovers and photographers – you won’t need to travel far outside the city to find scenic gems along the River Thames and greater Berkshire.

Walking distance to Language Schools

  1. International Learning Institute (Reading Unversity) - 16 minutes
  2. Eurospeak - 39 minutes
  3. ELC (English Language Courses) - 34 minutes
  4. English Language Centre - 35 minutes

Reading has truly become one of the most desirable places to live in South England!

So if you want to learn English this summer in the heart of the language’s home – then check out what Reading has to offer.

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